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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Beginning

Once upon an early autumn afternoon, a small flock of ecologists gathered over several cups of tea and slices of cake. Their gently rambling conversation revealed several significant truths. That they loved natural history, eco-geekery and adventures. That they loved to eat. And that they also loved to cook, bake and share food.

Another certainty emerged that day. Their lives were about to take them in many disparate directions, across the globe, across ecology and across the culinary world. They wanted to share their stories wherever they were, and what better way to do so than the newfangled medium of a blog. It would combine their enthusiasm for baked goods and bird boasts. And invertebrates, plants, fungi, mammals and all other specks of life.

Discussion and laughter led to a plethora of puns involving ecology and cake. Finally 'The Voyage of the Battenberg' was settled upon. A bit of Darwin, a bit of adventure and a bit of a classic teatime treat. The road to Battenberg was long and arduous and it only seemed right to share the wondrous words that fell by the wayside:
Do Penguins Eat Cake?
Where The Wild Mushrooms Are
Bats In My Baking Tin
The Blind Cakebaker
My Kitchen And Other Animals
The Decent Of Flan
On The Origins Of Cake

So the few have Battenberged down the hatches and all that's needed now is a crew...

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